About FinAgg


FinAgg is a free online financial data platform that scrapes and cleans filing data and presents it near real-time. The spirit of this project is to provide independent researchers rich insights into stock market developments that go far beyond simple share price activity. By combining filing data with machine learning techniques and powerful visualizations, FinAgg allows users to absorb a high velocity of information and arrive at more sophisticated conclusions sooner than other platforms.

Examples of the questions that can be answered are, "Historically, do companies that heavily invest in capital expenditure see higher market cap growth than peers?", "Which companies are seeing high revenue growth as well as high profit margins with reasonable P/Es?", or "How did companies with low valuations years ago perform over time between companies that cut costs quickly vs. more gradually?"

Whether using FinAgg for help in your personal investing research, academic purposes or just browsing for fun, FinAgg provides a quality that is typically reserved for institutional investors with budgets for multi-thousand dollar monthly subscriptions per user. The playing field is now much more even.

Your support

This platform was always meant to be free. FinAgg generates revenues from advertising, dataset sales and donations. If you use an ad blocker, please consider removing it for this site. Donations are deeply appreciated as well. Finally, constructive criticism or words of encouragement are always welcome. Consider emailing at anthony@finagg.io

About the creator

FinAgg was designed and created over 3 years by Anthony Moliterno who has had careers in both finance and data science for over 10 years. Anthony is highly educated in both these domains, as a former Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) (inactive member), a Masters graduate in Data Analytics from University of Chicago, and a double Bachelors in Economics and Political Science from Rutgers.

Anthony spent 6 years at S&P Global doing corporate credit research, learning how to conduct in-depth qualitative and quantitative financial analysis, and regularly worked with the many accounting adjustments considered in FinAgg that help provide the most clear picture of company performance. He has had exposure to a variety of sectors during his tenure, including Media & Entertainment, Business Services, Consumer Products, Retail, Restaurants and Real Estate Investment Trusts.

After leaving traditional finance for his transition into data science, Anthony now works in fintech where he leads the development of anti-fraud models for various clients, mostly within the banking and payments space.

Special thanks

Deeply grateful for help of those that supported the effort that made this site possible: Nicole Martinez for brand design, Dan Massaro and Nate Slemp for hardware to train the machine learning models, Mumal Mustafa for big help in data labelling to train the models, Jackie Bollard for aiding in site design, and Danny Carusotto for sound advice and constant support.